Restaurants & retailers...

Brookelynne Farm currently suppliers many local schools, restaurants, pubs, village shops and residential homes with high quality fresh produce in the Tendring area and beyond.  With deliveries going out every single day of the week except Mondays, you will always have the produce that you need no time.  We even deliver on Sundays!

If you would like us to supply your company fresh farm produce then why not call Trudy Carr to day on 01255 862184 or click contact for more ways to get in touch.

Schools and Visits...
Schools and anyone who has an interest in the farm is more than welcome to come and visit FREE of charge.  Visitors are welcome to see the animals and to have traditional farming explained, the importance of fresh vegetables and how vegetables are grown.  Visitors will have the opportunity to see cows, chickens, pigs, turkeys (depending on time of year) and all types of fresh vegetables.  See what the vegetables look like and understand how they grow, instead of recognising them cut-up on your plate.

All visitors visit at their own risk.  For larger numbers please telephone before arrival.


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